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Alan Zeigel
Alan Zeigel/Artist
1510 Wazee Street #Unit # 2
Denver, Colorado 80202

303 436 9260

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Alan Zeigel is represented by

Jessica Perry collection Denver CO



Berry collection Boulder CO



Bill Strickland Collection

Denver , CO



Brad Zeigel Collection Carbondale CO



Brandt Collection Boulder CO



Brotherstone Collection Denver



Bruz Beer Collection, Denver CO



Claudia & Richard Rogers Collection



College of Architecture & Planning

1250 14th St. Gallery 2nd Floor

Denver , CO 80202




Colorado Ballet



Cortez Collection Carbondale



Curtin (Jack) collection Denver



Curtin (Jim) Collection




David & Janet Robertson Collection



Denver Athletic Club

1325 Glenarm Place

Denver , CO 80204





Desha Zeigel Davis Collection Edmonds WA



Eiker-Heffron Collection



Emma Walker Collection



English Collection, Meg



Erin Everett Collection



Guy Obermeier Collection Denver



Hansen Collection

Denver , CO



Jim and Janice Campbell collection



Judith Babcock, Denver



Kahn, Ed and Cyndi Denver collection



Logan Collection

Denver CO



Luttrell collection

Montrose , CO



Megan and Grant Babcock Collection



Miriam Simms Collection



Nina & Luke O'Kelley Collection



OS Architecture

1580 Lincoln St

Denver , CO 80203





Robertson Collection, Boulder



Salzman Collection

Denver , CO



Sarah Romero Haile collection



Sharon Lavois Collection Denver CO



Stoufer collection Parker CO



Tracy Brown Collection

Montrose , CO



Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC)

600 South Marion Pkway

Denver , CO 80209


303.715.1010 ex 116



Zeigel Loft Gallery

1510 Wazee Street Unit 2

Denver , Colorado 80202


303 436 9260

Alan Zeigel Artist



Zoe's benefit Carbondale



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